28 February, 2019

Timetable of reperformances

Timetable of reperformances:

9 March – Imponderabilia (12.00–15.00), Freeing the Memory (14.00–16.00)
10 March – Similar Illusion (13.00–14.00), Cleaning the Mirror (12.00–17.00)
30 March – Imponderabilia (13.00–17.00)
31 March – Freeing the Memory (14.00–c. 16.00), Cleaning the Mirror (12.00–17.00)
13 April – Freeing the Memory (15.00–c. 17.00), Similar Illusion (14.00–15.00), The Onion (16.30)
14 April – Imponderabilia (13.00–17.00), Cleaning the Mirror (13.00–18.00)
1 May – Freeing the Memory (13.00–15.00), The Onion (16.00–16.30)
2 May – Imponderabilia, (14.00–18.00), Cleaning the Mirror (14.00–19.00)
3 May – Cleaning the Mirror (12.00–17.00), Freeing the Memory (14.00–16.00), Similar Illusion (15.00–16.00)
4 May – Cleaning the Mirror (13.00–18.00), Similar Illusion (13.00–14.00), Freeing the Memory (15.00–16.00)
5 May – Imponderabilia (12.00–16.00), The Onion (16.00–16.30)
18 May (Museum Night)
8–9 June
29–30 June
13–14 July
27–28 July
10–11 August
(further details of the timetable will be provided up to date)

Performers: Maciej Czapliński, Marcin Gawin, Cristina Ferreira, Viacheslav Fokin, Aleksandra Grącka, Joanna Nadrowska, Daria Nowak, Mikołaj Prynkiewicz, Anita Zdrojewska.

Activities selected by the CoCA in agreement and with the approval of Marina Abramović, which will be reperformed at the exhibition:
1) Freeing the Memory (1975), which consists in reciting random words in the performer’s native language;
2) The Onion (1995) – eating a whole, sizeable onion in shell. The artist in full make-up, with red painted lips and nails, is slowly chewing every bite.
3) Imponderabilia (1977), originally performed with Ulay, Marina’s former partner. A naked couple, facing each other, stand still for an hour in a narrow passage between exhibition halls.
4) Cleaning the Mirror (1995), which consists in brushing a model of a human skeleton, piece by piece and hours on end. The water in the bucket becomes dirty (stained with ink, clay and mud) and the skeleton, along with everything around it, becomes ever more sullied.
5) Similar Illusion (1981). A couple dressed in dancing outfit are standing for an hour and a half in starting position to dancing tango and very slowly reproduce a few moves, changing only the arrangement of hands and heads without making a single step.