30 October, 2018

Screening of “The Artist Is Present”

When: 19:30

Ticket: 10 PLN

Marina Abramović is a superstar of the artworld. The daughter of Yugoslavian partisans, she has been living in New York for 20 years, and subjecting her body to extreme experiments for 40 years. Abramović tends to be described as fearless, radical, and nonconformist. She shows remarkable consistency in redefining what contemporary art is and what it can be, using her own body as a tool of expression, ruthlessly testing its limits and endurance. Performance art was alternative forty years ago, twenty years ago, and it is alternative today – the artist claims, and consents to appear in the film which is to break down the barrier between the hermetic realm of her work and the general public. Matthew Akers’s brilliant shots show Marina preparing for her individual exhibition at MoMA New York, an exceptional moment for every artist. The director shows Marina’s work on the exposition, but also lets us in on her private life, creating a portrait of a funny and intelligent woman of tremendous charisma and strength.