2 November, 2018

A meeting about the book “Pokonać mur” [Walk Through Walls: A Memoir]

Conversation with Małgorzata Czyńska on Marina Abramović’s work and screening of the film The Artist is Present

When: 6 November (Tuesday), 18:00

Ticket: free admission

The work of the artist considered to be the precursor of performance art, her phenomenon, as well as her private life which she writes about in her autobiography will be the subject matter of our discussion with art critic Małgorzata Czyńska. The meeting will constitute an introduction to the great exhibition titled The Cleaner, opening on 8 March 2019.


“In 2010, a most extraordinary thing happened: more than 750,000 people queued to the Museum of Modern Art in New York to take part in a performance act by Marina Abramović which lasted altogether for above 700 hours, to be able to sit opposite the artist and communicate with her in silence.

The daughter of partisans, heroes of the Second World War, she grew up in Yugoslavia under Tito’s rule. Having gained international recognition and married, she was still living with her mother who was controlling her and imposing strict boundaries on her. Nothing, however, could quell her insatiable curiosity of the world and the will to be with people, or the specific Balkan sense of humour that her life and work are saturated with.

Marina’s story, moving, adventurous, and funny, is a story of her exceptional artistic career that involves putting her own body to extreme tests of fear, pain, exhaustion, or danger in search of emotional and spiritual transformation; it is also a story of an opera-like love affair and twelve-year collaboration with performance artist Ulay – a relationship which came to a dramatic end on the Great Wall.”

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